“SAVE THE CORALS” is a special project that is very close to Marco Ilbruck’s heart. Founded on the Maldives – the founder of SWIM WITH MI determines a strong message regarding our environment. SWIM WITH MI’s Coral Check was developed to represent this exceptional project. The unique print can be found in the Summer 17 Menswear Collection and is planned to enlarge their product line in next seasons. With one sold product, 10 $ will be donated to the relief organization “Marine Savers” – an institution composed of marine biologists and investigators to ensure the recovery of the coral reefs. In collaboration with Four Seasons Resorts Maldives and the Marine Savers (more information via the brand invests in the preservation of these precious creatures.

The coral frames serve as a foundation for the coral fragments. Located at the bottom of the ocean, the corals can be reattached to their usual habitat and grow back to their normal size.  Since 2016 SWIM WITH MI supports an academic study to obtain more information about the corals and their retreat all over the world. Marco Illbruck would like to give something back. From now on, the SAVE THE CORALS series will be part of each collection. New coral styles will also be launched in the Womenswear and accessory collections. A new edition to the coral fa – MI – ly.