SWIM WITH MI came to life on the Maldives at the beginning of 2014. The main focus lies on handmade beach and resort wear along with accessories that reflect a mixture of modern luxury and casual chic. 

Attracted by the magnificent and magical atmosphere of the Tyrrhenian Sea, our classic collection is inspired by vintage photographs of the European jet set on the island of Capri in the 1960s. A stylish, splendid look as seen on Brigitte Bardot, Jackie Kennedy and Gianni Agnelli.

Soft linen shirts and dresses in pastel colors for a breakfast overlooking the Grotta Azzurra. Swim shorts, bikinis and swimsuits for a day at the La Fontelina beach club and combed cotton polo shirts and dresses for a spellbinding entrance on the Piazzetta. Alluring, unpretentious and always true to the slogan:


The sails are set! 

The SWIM WITH MI Yacht has dropped off and is taking you on a glamorous journey.

Our new 2022 Summer collection “Pizza, Pasta & Amore” includes soft terry resort wear for a day at the beach and new linen dresses and shirts matching the barefood luxury lifestyle. Thalassic summer and animal prints beautifully complement this seasons collection. 

Cin Cin

Founded on the Maldives. Handmade in Italy. Loved Everywhere. 



With the founders family heritage in Lombardia and her approach of creating top of the line products only, the SWIM WITH MI collection is exclusively made in Italy. From quick-drying swimwear from the north to soft linen fabrics from the south nothing is left to chance.

Many carefully selected details, among them engraved mother-of-pearl buttons, laser-cut cord ends and small water-resistant pouches append the collection and resonate our understanding of genuine craftsmanship.


SAVE THE CORALS” is a special project that is very close to Laura Illbruck’s heart. Founded on the Maldives the founder of SWIM WITH MI determines a strong message regarding our environment. The "Coral Check“ was developed to represent this exceptional project. The unique print can be found in each seasons collection. With each product with the "Coral Check" print sold, a certain amount will be donated to the relief organization “Marine Savers” – an institution composed of marine biologists and investigators to ensure the recovery of the coral reefs. 

SWIM WITH MI founded the SAVE THE CORALS charity fund which invests in the preservation of these precious creatures.

The coral frames serve as a foundation for the coral fragments. Located at the bottom of the ocean, the corals can be reattached to their usual habitat and grow back to their normal size. Since 2016 SWIM WITH MI supports an academic study to obtain more information about the corals and their retreat all over the world.